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Kenjo, NYC Luxury Watch Resource

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Kenjo is one of the bedrock luxury watch stores of NYC. Offering nearly 50 of the world’s most exclusive and well-respected brands, it has one of the largest watch inventories in the country as well as New York’s largest collection of Omega under one roof. Despite its impressive stock, however, Kenjo owners proclaim that the store’s longevity is the result of a focus on high quality relationships with clients.

Founded in 1978 next to the Empire State building, the original location was a tiny storefront across from the since-gone department store giant B. Altman’s. Over the years, the store grew into four locations in and around Manhattan before finally settling at the flagship store at 40 W 57th Street. I caught up with the owners in a short interview:

Steven Grazi on buying your first watch:

“Ask yourself am I buying it for myself, or am I buying it for other people?
I tell them to pick what they really like, they’re going to look at it 50 times a day. It’s hard to break from impressing other people and because of that, they worry about damage too. But, I always tell them anything can be fixed, wear it and wear it well.

As for style, always go for something unique. Rolex you can see from a mile away; no individuality or taste at all. UBOAT is very unique, it’s the only one like it on the market. People will notice when they stop you on the street to ask the time.”

Ken Grazi was one of the first Americans at Baselworld:

He went not knowing what to expect and expressed one thing lost in translation; the Swiss idea of a hotel. It was only upon arrival that he found out his first Baselworld would be spent sleeping on a repurposed train. A couple years later, he took his brother;

Steve: “Kenny went before me and when we got to the turnstiles, he told me to stop and went first. He took 15 steps in, then he motions me to come inside. I went in and went¬†Oh my god looking up and down and to the left and right. It was amazing.”
see a Virtual Tour of Baselworld 2016 here

Raymond Grazi on collector customers:

“A couple collectors are very specific. For example, I know one customer that I must call when I get a blue watch. He’s got an entire collection of watches, blue dials, blue straps; and he’ll be here in 10 minutes to see something new.

Some watches we get never even make the shelf. We try to get limited editions in, but customers get wind of it and they get sold months before they are delivered. We have 30 to 40 customers calling every week to ask if we’ve got any new pieces in.”

Kenjo also regularly hosts incredible events throughout the year. Just recently, Grand Seiko brought in a watchmaker who disassembled and reassembled (to working condition!) and entire watch, filmed under a microscope camera for all to see on a big screen.

If you’re in New York, drop in for a visit, have your watch serviced, or pick a new one from one of the largest collections in the Big Apple.

Kenjo is at 40 W 57th Street in New York and you take a look around the store in our virtual tour below:



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