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Baselworld 2016

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March 17th – 24th, 2016

The premiere “trendsetting” event on the planet for high end jewelry and watches takes place once a year in Switzerland in the city of Basel, a spectacle appropriately named Baselworld. This exceptional trade show brings together the largest and most prestigious global brands, emerging design talent, and finest retailers with the top global press seeking trends that determine what will be worn and most talked about in the coming year. Baselworld has established itself as the ultimate annual gathering for the

150,000 in attendance
141,000 m2 utilized pavilion space
4,000 press from world’s most prestigious publications
1,500 brands from over 40 countries
99 years of history

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The first Basel trade show took place in 1917. It began with the opening of Muba Schweizer Mustermesse Basel, translated roughly to “Swiss Design Fair Basel,” and was set where the Muba Exhibition and Trade Center is located today. Originally only a portion of the space was designated to watches and jewelry with the majority dedicated to various other Swiss industry sectors. However, recognizing demand, it was only eight years later in 1925 that the trade show invited several watch manufacturers who discovered a beautiful and convenient location to display new models for the coming year.

This experimental side-attraction rapidly grew in popularity and soon required an entire dedicated pavilion. In 1931 MUBA established the Schweizer Uhrenmesse “Swiss Watch Fair,” that firmly withstood some of Europe’s most turbulent recent history.

Then, in the 1970s the event escalated. In 1972 the European Watch and Clock Exhibition was held in Basel in conjunction with the Swiss Watch Fair. This paved the way for the first Europäische Uhren und Schmuckmesse (EUSM), or the European Watch and Jewellery Show the following year in 1973. For the first time, European companies were invited to participate bringing brands from France, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy.

The show as we know it came into existence in 1983 changing its name to Basel followed by numerals for the year. Soon, Basel 86 opened its doors to companies outside of Europe and, in 1995, the show expanded to the full name “Basel 95 – The World Watch, Clock and Jewellery Show.” Basel 99 finally overflowed and a new 36,000 m2 Hall 1 was constructed  that accommodates three story displays.

In 2003, the title Baselworld established what everyone already knew; that the show as the most important watch and jewelry event in the world. The following year in 2004 Hall 6 was completed and attendance soared to exceed 100,000 for the first time in 2007. As a result, the outdoor exhibition square Messenplatz was modernized in a $450m USD project and the show continues to break records today

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Kenro Industries visits Kenjo image by Worldin360.com – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

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