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Instagrams to Follow: Bothrops1, Men’s Style

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We aim to discover and share Instagram accounts that demonstrate an intimate understanding of style and tradition. One account that stands out is @bothrops1.

Paul MN from Minnesota identifies himself as a professor, Yoga teacher, lover of food, and a boot addict. However, his Instagram account is full of so much more. You will find mouthwatering food, creative cocktails, meticulously organized outfits matched to accessories, as well as a variety of well captured fashion shots.

Paul has a particular addiction not just to boots, but fashion in general. His self proclaimed “boot problem” is manifest in the incredible variety of styles that we never thought possible. However, beyond that is an incredible wardrobe and sense of style that draws a story from panel to panel. Not to mention, he is a great photographer!

Enjoy a couple photos below and check out his Instagram!


Bothrops1-04 _____ Bothrops1-07 _____ Bothrops1-16



Bothrops1-09 _____ Bothrops1-11 _____ Bothrops1-05



Bothrops1-08 _____ Bothrops1-06 _____ Bothrops1-10


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