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Instagrams to Follow: MrTimeWriter

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We aim to discover and share Instagram accounts that demonstrate an intimate understanding of style and tradition. One account that stands out is @MrTimeWriter who has a penchant for finding himself in all the right places all over the world. Just this week he visited a private event in Los Angeles, the Fountain Pen Show in Philadelphia, Barrett Jackson in Arizona, and dropped into New York all before leaving to LA for the weekend.

He brushes shoulders with giants in the style and accessory world and shared an incredible calendar with us for 2016. Below are a couple of our favorite images from his account, and we recommend keeping an eye for what’s coming up.

MrTimeWriter-07 _____ MrTimeWriter-03 _____ MrTimeWriter-10

MrTimeWriter-01 _____ MrTimeWriter-02 _____ MrTimeWriter-04

MrTimeWriter-09 _____ MrTimeWriter-06 _____ MrTimeWriter-12

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