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Visiting Montegrappa

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Montegrappa, Bassano del Grappa – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

The owner Giuseppe Aquila welcomed us like family and proudly revealed this year’s creations

Arriving in Italy we were met by a driver for Montegrappa and immediately taken to the home of the historic fountain pen manufacturer. The road wound between Italian Villas surrounded by winter bare vinyards, over stony rivers carving blue-green through raw earth, and to the very last place before the Dolomites shot out of the ground into beautiful forest covered cliffs topped by snow. We had arrived in Bassano del Grappa, Italy.

left: Plaque at the entrance of the Montegrappa factory, right: Luxurious chateau next to the Montegrappa factory

Warmly greeted at the door as if returning to family, hospitality pervaded even with our limited time. We were immediately served delectable bruschetta made with local ingredients followed by the welcoming smile of the owner of the company, Giuseppe Aquila. Despite the pressures of last minute preparations, Giuseppe took the time for a time catching up before inviting us for a factory tour.

A tour of the creation process made it very clear why this country earned the esteemed reputation that accompanies “Italian made” when referring to items of the highest quality. It was evident that not only was each piece of every writing instrument painstakingly hand crafted to perfection, but this attention to detail pervaded every aspect of the company ethos. Every employee greeted us with a smile and welcomingly explained what they were doing, even if they did not speak English.

Then, after a good night’s rest, we united in a chapel with all Montegrappa’s international representatives for this year’s creations. Giuseppe, accompanied by many employees who seemed just as excited as us, presented the pens and stories behind them for the year 2016.

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  1. WOW THAT 360′ was stunning and what a factory ! Thanks for such a great peek inside !

    1. Thanks mycustompuppet!
      We are just getting back and the experience is worth a trip to Italy!

      If you’re planning a trip, please make sure to put Bassano del Grappa on your list of cities you must visit! And drop by Giuseppe’s office!

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