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Scottish Snood Neck Warmer

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Harris Tweed Snoods are beautiful neck warmers handmade in Scotland, available only via personal order.

These treasures come from deep in the highlands of Scotland. It is a place that remains one of the best kept secrets of the beautiful country found atop the Peninsula of Knoydart, known to the world as Inverie. Here you will find a rare people that maintain strong cultural traditions and take pride in their handmade wares. This is because every item is made to withstand powerful elements that manifest regularly as turbulent highland weather clashes with a tempestuous sea.

The Snood Neck Warmers are handmade from Harris Tweed. Each Snood is produced to order, with a unique pattern made of wool hand-spun in Scotland. The materials are personally selected to meet the highest standards of quality and limited to specific patterns reflective of the history and geography of the area. They are then hand sewn individually for each recipient and shipped to anywhere in the world. Harris-Tweed

There is a very limited number produced each year. To make an order
contact Made in Knoydart via email.

In addition to Snoods, Made in Knoydart produces other beautiful hand-made products, inquire about this year’s selection.


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